The Grand Cafe & Bakery was
founded in 1923 by Mr. Ti Chong Ho,
grand father of one of the owners,
and partner Mr. Pang. The original
Grand Cafe & Bakery was located
at 106 N. King Street where
the Bank of Hawaii now stands

The territory of Hawaii and
particularly downtown Honolulu
was bustling with activity.
These Chinese entrepreneurs were
part of this scene. American food
was served and confectioneries
also offered

The Grand Cafe & Bakery has been re-established in the
former Wing Coffee building circa 1916. Our foods and recipes
reflect a Honolulu of the early 1920s. We welcome you to the
Grand Cafe & Bakery; invite you to enjoy fresh, tasty,
seasonal foods, warm surroundings, and a special spot
in downtown Chinatown!

Reservations are highly recommended

A Chef Returns to His Roots
Grand Cafe & Bakery is very pleased to
announce that Anthony Kui Sin Vierra will
take over the kitchen as Executive Chef.  He
brings his skills, talent and creativity to the
cafe that his great grandfather started in 1923.
Comfort foods and old time island favorites,
made with the freshest ingredients, will
continue to be the focus.